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Is Therapy Worth It?

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With approximately half of all marriages ending in divorce, it’s not uncommon for married couples to do everything they can to save their relationship. Because of this, some turn to therapy.

With a neutral third party on hand, it can help two people get down to the root of their issues and determine whether they should continue their marriage or call it quits. But, is going to therapy for everyone?

What is Marriage Counseling?

Couples therapy or marriage counseling is a type of psychotherapy for married couples to attend where they can discuss their issues and hopefully resolve problems in their relationship.

A therapist will lead these discussions by asking the couple several questions to learn more about their relationship and the issues they are having. A marriage counselor may ask about the couple’s following:

  • Roles

  • Patterns

  • Rules

  • Goals

  • Beliefs

Learning more about each side of the relationship can help the therapist understand what is going well in the relationship and what is going bad. Often they will explain how each person is either contributing to or helping solve problems in their marriage.

Once each party understands this, they can begin to work on making the changes necessary to make their relationship better. At this time, the couple may also realize that it isn’t worth the time and effort required to fix their marriage. They might discover that they aren’t invested in the relationship like they once were, and a divorce is actually what is best for everyone.

Who Should go to Couple’s Therapy?

While not every couple needs someone to help them figure out whether they should continue their marriage or not, it can be incredibly beneficial for individuals who are truly confused about what they are feeling.

To decide if counseling is right for your marriage, think about your current situation. If you believe your marriage could be salvageable or if you want to try to save it, look into counseling.

However, even if you are positive you want to get a divorce, counseling is still worth looking into. Having a neutral third party to talk to can greatly help with going through other issues that you will need to settle in your divorce. For example, it could be useful to discuss child custody issues with a couple’s therapist. Doing so could create a more positive co-parenting relationship that would benefit your child.

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