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Accused of Forgery? Get An Aggressive Advocate On Your Side

Bartow Forgery & Counterfeiting Attorney

What is forgery & counterfeiting?

Forgery is the crime of producing, making, or adapting objects or documents with the intent to defraud another. When forgery leads to someone being deceived out of money, additional charges may be added. Counterfeiting is making or creating an unauthorized imitation of a genuine article with the intent to defraud.

An individual may be charged with forgery or counterfeiting when law enforcement discovers:

  • False, forged, or counterfeit bank bills or notes; or
  • Tools or instruments used by counterfeiters.

Although counterfeiting and forgery cases can be prosecuted on a state level, these crimes are often investigated by the FBI or Secret Service. With so many types of currency, coin, and documents, there are more than 100 different actions that may be considered a counterfeiting or forgery crime. In situations where the forgery or counterfeiting charge is of a currency or financial nature, the greater the monetary amount of the alleged crime, the more severe the criminal charge the accused will face.

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