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Choosing to Separate Instead of Filing for Divorce

While the legal statutes of Florida do not specifically address the term “legal separation,” there are several legal issues that may apply when spouses choose to separate instead of filing for a divorce.

These issues may involve, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Child Support & Alimony Issues;
  • Child Custody & Visitation Issues (“Parenting Plan & Timesharing”);
  • Division of Marital Property & Assets; and
  • Other Relevant Divorce-Related Issues.

Couple getting separated In most cases, these issues are handled through family law mediation in an effort to reach amicable resolutions. This is because the state of Florida may choose not to award alimony to a person that is still married to his or her spouse. However, child custody, visitation, and child support issues are issues that the court will address between married spouses that do not reside together. However, each legal separation issue may have to be handled differently than if the spouses are legally seeking a divorce.

Does Florida Recognize Legal Separation?

Because the state of Florida does not legally recognize the term "legal separation", the "legal" part of the term basically refers to issues that the court will make rulings on just as if the parties we never married.

Such issues include the following:

  • Unwed Parents & Paternity Issues
  • Assets Purchased & Shared as a Couple
  • Use of Shared Bank Accounts

On the surface, family law issues in a legal separation may seem to be easier to resolve because the parties involved are not actively seeking to end the marriage. However, because the law handles family law issues between separated spouses differently from that of a divorce, these issues can become very complex.

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