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Involved in a Motorcycle Accident? Get An Aggressive Advocate On Your Side

Bartow Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle Accident Injuries Are Often Quite Severe

The victim must often endure extensive physical therapy, rehabilitation, multiple surgeries, and recovery periods which can be long and painful. Additional factors include lost wages from time missed at work, as well as the financial burdens placed upon them and their family. Even with the tremendous advances in modern medicine, some motorcycle accident victims are left with long-term or even permanent physical or mental disabilities, are rendered paralyzed, or may even lose a limb. Some accidents are fatal.

Someone injured in a serious motorcycle accident may be subjected to the following:

  • Loss of transportation
  • Varying degrees of pain and suffering
  • Required physical therapy
  • Lengthy rehabilitation periods
  • Single or multiple surgeries
  • Lose of essential wages due to time missed from work
  • Potential long-term or permanent disabilities

In addition to the above is the stress of worrying about how they will get by during this difficult time.

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