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In the state of Florida, prostitution means the giving or receiving of the body for sexual activity for hire—excluding sexual activity between spouses. Prostitution is one of the few crimes that may be charged without the actual criminal act being performed; in this case, the actual sexual activity. When accused, arrested, or charged with prostitution, it is extremely important to know your rights, options, and what the most effective defense strategy may be relating to your specific circumstances.

Law enforcement use various methods to arrest individuals for prostitution, including:

  • Prostitution Sting Operation - Police officers use this roadside method by wearing provocative clothes and posing as prostitutes to lure would-be customers and then arrest them.
  • Prostitution Ring Breakup - This tactic is the reverse of the sting operation where police officer pose as customers who are looking to hire a prostitute. Once inside, they will make arrests.
  • Sex Online - All throughout the Internet, there are websites that advertise “companionship” as a cover-up for prostitution. Police officers will act as potential customers to investigate into these.

In prostitution cases, it is important to ensure police acted within the lawful standard of conduct and investigation methods. The actions of law enforcement must be put under a microscope to determine if there was misconduct, a lack of probable cause, if your civil rights were violated, or if the actions of law enforcement overstepped the allowable standard and crossed over into unlawful entrapment.

Defense Against Accusations of Prostitution in Polk County

In order to achieve a conviction for prostitution, the prosecution must prove there was a definitive agreement to engage in an act of prostitution. This is usually achieved by means of a recording device during conversations between an undercover cop and the accused, established by the text messages and / or emails sent back and forth. However, if the accused has no money on their person, the prosecution may have a difficult time proving the specific intent to engage in an act of prostitution.

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