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Victim of a Crime? Get An Aggressive Advocate On Your Side

Representation for the Victims of Crimes

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If you are injured as a result of being a victim of a crime, it is important to know that you do have legal rights—regardless of whether the individual was convicted of the crime. Case in point, O.J. Simpson was found not guilty in the murder trial, but found liable in the civil trial. It is therefore crucial that no time is wasted in getting the qualified legal counsel of a personal injury lawyer you can trust. To take the first step in your case, and to schedule an initial review of your case, contact Advocate Law Firm, P.A. today.

Burden of Proof in a Civil Case

The burden of proof in a civil case is less than that of a criminal case, as the burden of proof in a criminal case the prosecution must prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

In a civil case, the victim must show either of the following:

  • Proof by a preponderance of the evidence
  • Proof by clear and convincing evidence

Seeking Compensation Under Premises Liability Law

Under certain circumstances, the victim of a crime may not only seek compensation from the individual that directly injured them, but may also seek compensation from the property owner or management group of the property where they were injured. In this case, it falls under premise liability law.

Property owners have a lawful duty to provide a safe environment for individuals who visit their property. For example, if the property owner has a general knowledge of a criminal element on their property and does not make adequate precautions to ensure the safety of visitors, they could be liable.

Unfortunately, in some cases, the individual that injures a victim during the commission of a crime does not appear to have assets that would make a civil trial worthwhile for the victim. However, if the individual that injures a victim during the commission of a crime is a minor or a legal dependent of another, you may still have a legal remedy to seek compensation from responsible parties’ parents or legal guardian.

If you have been injured as a victim during the commission of a crime, we recommend that you find out what your legal rights, options, and legal remedies may be to your specific situation. Call today!