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Collaborative Divorce Helps Avoid Traumatic Court DisagreementsOftentimes, people cite divorce as the worst time in their lives, likening it to war. This is because the divorcing parties often cannot seem to stop hurting each other, even in their efforts to separate permanently. However, when a couple is ready to amicably put an end to their relationship, this is known as collaborative divorce--in which you will still need to enlist the guidance and care of a Lakeland divorce attorney such as ours at Advocate Law Firm, P.A.

If you and your future ex-spouse hope to avoid traumatic court disagreements, collaborative divorce is for you.

In this process, you and your spouse agree on a number of concerns, and the matters which you do not agree on can be handled as harmoniously as possible. Throughout the procedure, you will meet with your respective legal teams, until you come to a settlement agreement. You may also involve the help of other professionals, including child custody specialists, financial experts, etc. Generally speaking, collaborative divorce negates the need for involving the courts early on. Instead, the legal aspect of divorce will be completed without the need for a trial or hearing therefore avoiding the financial devastation caused by contentious divorces.

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Our firm wants you to make divorce, not war. We believe not all divorces have to be a traumatic and devastating experience--sometimes, they can be resolved easier than you expect. This is why it is vital you don’t face this often confusing and complex process alone. Our Lakeland divorce lawyer, Attorney Melissa A. Wilson, is committed to ensuring your rights are promoted and protected. Thanks to her insatiable dedication to justice and unrelenting work ethic, you can rest assured you are in the most capable of hands. We offer services in English and Spanish.

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  • Collaborative Divorce
    If you and your future ex-spouse hope to avoid traumatic court disagreements, collaborative divorce is for you.
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