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Accused of Child Abuse? Get An Aggressive Advocate On Your Side

Bartow Child Abuse Attorney

Have you been accused of committing child abuse?

Being accused of child abuse is a traumatic experience for anyone. If the accusation is a false one, there is a whole host of emotions that the accused might experience, such are fear, stress, anger, depression, embarrassment, and more. It, however, is important to realize that an accusation is not a conviction.

Still, while an accusation is not the same as a formal charge (or a conviction), the accused must legally defend him or herself against the allegations in order to clear his or her name in an effort to avoid jail or prison. Beyond that, they must also face the consequences in public, as well. Friends or family members may look at them differently, it may lead to the loss of a job, or even being ostracized.

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What Is Considered a Child Abuse Allegation?

Accusations of child abuse may be made by anyone—such as a neighbor, teacher, or even a spouse—and may take many forms. For example, one of the most controversial forms of accusations of child abuse is spanking a child, which was widely considered an acceptable form of punishment just 10 to 15 years ago.

Child abuse allegations may be in the form of the following:

  • Physical Abuse;
  • Sexual Abuse;
  • Neglect; and
  • Physiological Abuse.

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Depending upon they type and severity of the alleged abuse, a conviction may result in jail time or a significant prison term of up to life imprisonment. If the abuse directly results in the death of a child, additional charges may be charges to include levels of manslaughter or murder.

If accused of child abuse, it is advised that, before giving any statement, you first speak to an attorney who is experienced in these types of cases. Call my firm today for the help you need!