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Key Differences Between Spousal Support and Child Support


A divorce is a terribly difficult thing to go through. It involves a great deal of stress and strain. If you are going through a divorce, you have every right to be angry, sad, disappointed, and frustrated. But in addition to dealing with your emotions, you must look after your material interests and those of your children.

Looking After Your Material Interests

Shielding your children from the worst effects of the divorce does not require complete capitulation. You must ensure that you have the resources for you and your children to live comfortably. That is why you must make obtaining spousal support and child support payments a vital part of your divorce.

The Differences Between Spousal Support and Child Support

There is a difference between child support and spousal support. In the state of Florida, child support is determined by estimating what a divorcing couple would have spent on a child and dividing it by two. The income of each individual is also taken into consideration when making this judgment.


Spousal support, also called alimony, is determined by years of marriage and relative income. Spousal support can be ordered until the person who earned less money in the marriage is able to re-establish themselves in the world of work.

Getting Your Ex to Pay

If you took on the role of stay-at-home mom and homemaker during the marriage, it is especially important for you to fight for both forms of maintenance. A child custody attorney can help you make the case. Courts in the state of Florida recognize the vital role played by women who choose to make a home for their family. This is valuable work; and it is important to remember that if your ex has gone on to succeed in their career, your efforts had a great deal to with it.


A family law attorney can provide you with the legal insight and guidance you require to get them to pay for your upkeep and that of your children.

How an Experienced Family Law Attorney Can Help

It may be some time before you are able to become financially independent. If you had a career before you got married and had children, it can take you years to get back in work. In the meantime, you and your children should not be starved of money and resources.


A child custody attorney will ensure that the court has a full picture of your ex’s finances and that all the money they earned and saved while you were married is accounted for. You will need these facts to get fair spousal support and child alimony settlement.


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