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Do I Need a Parenting Plan?

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A parenting plan is a court-approved document that outlines parenting duties that each parent is responsible for after their divorce, the agreed-upon timesharing of custody, visitation of the child, and parental financial responsibilities. If you and your spouse are divorced and share custody of your minor child, you will need a parenting plan, even if custody is not under dispute.

What Do I Need In My Parenting Plan?

At the bare minimum, you should include:

  • Parental participation in daily activities with your child
  • Specific timesharing with your child and each parent
  • Who will be financially responsible for your child, and in what aspects
  • Educational responsibilities for your child
  • The address your child will hold for school-related activities and decisions
  • How each parent will communicate with your child

The parenting plan should be created with your child’s best interest in mind. When determining your child’s best interests, all circumstances of your custody agreement, including the current agreement and past history, should be considered. Your parenting plan should be as detailed as possible to address any unnamed situation that may arise. Details can include specific timesharing dates and times, future considerations such as a move of residence, the aging of your child, and the future needs of your child.

A more complex situation, including supervised timesharing or a long-distance parenting plan, will need a more detailed parenting plan. In that case, your parenting plan may use a different court-mandated form or require even more detail about your child’s upbringing. Your attorney is here to help you draft your parenting plan and adjust it as needed.

Is The Parenting Plan Binding?

As a court-approved document, your parenting plan is binding. If you believe that a parent violates the parenting plan or an adjustment needs to be made due to unforeseen factors, please reach out to us so we can help you make any adjustments needed. At Advocate Law Firm, P.A., we are here to ensure that your parenting plan is accurate and representative of your custody situation.

How Can I Receive Help With My Parenting Plan?

We’re here to help you navigate through all your child custody matters. If you would like to meet with one of our Bartow lawyers about the creation or adjustment of your parenting plan, please call us at (863) 644-5566 or make an appointment.