5 Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

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If you and your spouse are pursuing an amicable split, you may start to consider a collaborative divorce. Since all a divorcing couple needs to pursue a collaborative divorce is an agreement made in good faith that you will work together to divorce peacefully, it can be a beneficial method for a peaceful divorce.

Keeps You Out of the Courtroom

One of the main goals of a collaborative divorce is to keep your family out of the courtroom. When you begin the process of a collaborative divorce, both you and your spouse must agree in good faith that you will do everything it takes to keep your divorce out of the hands of court intervention. Your agreement is something that you both will be held by as you work towards the dissolution of your marriage.

If you come across an issue that you and your spouse cannot resolve on your own, you still have other options than going for the litigation method. Couples pursuing a collaborative divorce often will incorporate mediation sessions and other ways of conflict resolution to create agreements.

The Focus is on Your Family

Since you and your soon-to-be former spouse are working together to create solutions to contested issues in your divorce, you can put the focus on your family. Each agreement is tailored by both of you to suit the best interests of your family.

Collaborative divorce often lends a peaceful nature to divorce, which can help if you have children. With both parents working together to dissolve the marriage and keep the family out of the courtroom, it may limit trauma or emotional distress your children may face as a result of the divorce.

Flexible Option for Negotiation

Since you and your spouse set the terms of your divorce, you can take as long as you need to negotiate. A collaborative divorce also allows you and your spouse to put everything on the table as you negotiate agreements, and you can always take time with them to discuss why exactly you are negotiating for a specific agreement. With the two of you sitting down together to build your agreements, it provides the space you need to effectively communicate and negotiate as needed to reach desirable outcomes for your family.

You Can Build Your Team

If you need assistance when building resolutions for issues in your divorce, you can build a team of experts to assist your attorney and guide you through the process. Our clients typically involve forensic accountants, child psychologists, mediators, and others who can help the divorcing couple create a beneficial agreement for all parties involved. These experts can consult on issues, such as child custody, the division of property, child support, and even spousal support.


A collaborative divorce is a cost-effective measure for couples who wish to save during the dissolution of their marriage. Since a collaborative divorce keeps couples out of the courtroom, they will often not need to pay attorneys' fees for preparation and litigation efforts. Collaborative divorces may be able to be resolved more quickly than a typical divorce, which can save couples money over the duration of their divorce.

Bartow Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Our divorce attorney at Advocate Law Firm, P.A. is experienced in working with couples as a collaborative divorce attorney. Divorce should not be a battlefield, which is why we encourage our clients who can effectively communicate with their spouses to pursue a collaborative divorce. Together, we can seek a peaceful resolution to your marriage that benefits your family.

Are you divorcing and interested in a peaceful resolution? Call our collaborative divorce attorney at (863) 644-5566 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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