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The Financial Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

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Divorces can be expensive, with the average cost of a Florida divorce without children being $13,500, and with children increasing to $20,300. When considering a divorce, you may also consider cost-effective options to limit how much you and your soon-to-be-ex will put down for dissolution. While things like not going to the litigation phase, creating agreements on your own, and simplified divorce may help lower the costs, another cost-effective solution is a collaborative divorce.

Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce is feasible when you and your soon-to-be-ex are able to communicate effectively and fairly in your divorce. Together with their respective legal teams, the divorcing couple will create a settlement agreement that they both view as fair and avoids the need for early court intervention. Collaborative divorces often build a team for the divorcing couple of their respective attorneys and any other experts as needed.

A Cost-Effective Strategy

Collaborative divorces are seen as cost-effective because they put the focus on an amicable split where the divorcing couple can work out the terms of their divorce on their own. While legal teams are there for the couple to consult with and will ultimately guide the process, collaborative divorces typically focus on the couple involved and their own personal needs. With this approach, the divorce may not take as long as a typical divorce, with 95% of Florida collaborative divorces resolving in under one year.

Collaborative divorces typically do not go to court and instead, will resolve without a hearing. This can cut costs for your divorce as you will not need to pay court fees and instead will only pay your filing fees and attorney’s fees during the divorce.

More Money In Your Pocket After Finalization

With this focus on what you can afford and preserving your assets, you may find more money in your bank accounts following divorce finalization for your own personal use, including:

  • Finding a new apartment or home,
  • Refurnishing your home,
  • Purchasing a new vehicle,
  • Self-care, such as spa appointments or other activities you may enjoy, or
  • Other post-divorce costs, such as the reevaluation of your estate plan or other documents.

A collaborative divorce may bring you peace of mind and financial preservation, as you pay for what you need during your divorce and cut out all of the extras.

Lakeland Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Your divorce does not need to feel like an all-out war: our collaborative divorce attorney at Advocate Law Firm, P.A. is focused on making your collaborative divorce as peaceful as possible. With over 20 years of experience, our divorce attorney is focused on advocating for your best interests during the divorce process.

Are you looking for an amicable split from your spouse? Learn more about collaborative divorces and schedule a consultation today by calling (863) 644-5566 or contacting us online.