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Managing Divorce and Co-Parenting During the Holidays


Dealing with the issues that come along with divorce and co-parenting can be very difficult, especially during the holidays. Often times, these set of circumstances inevitably bring about hard times for the children and adults involved.


For these reasons, it is essential for families to find effective ways to cope with the situation at hand, especially during the holiday season. A divorce attorney can be very helpful at times like these

Communicating with Your Ex-Spouse

One of the main components needed for success within a co-parenting situation amid a divorce is communication. Due to the extra sensitive nature of these circumstances, it is very easy to have unintentional misunderstandings between parties. In this way, it is highly advisable for communication to play an active role in your co-parenting activities.


It is essential that the adults, including the divorce attorney, work together as a team to the best of their abilities. Even though the events taking place may seem to signify the breaking apart of your family dynamic, there is now also a need for a new element of bonding within the family in order for any future efforts of cooperation in co-parenting to work.

Sharing and Caring for Everyone

Communication simply needs to be a way of life in the realm of co-parenting. It is important to communicate even in light of the little things that may initially seem less significant.


For example, changes in your arrival time to either pick-up or drop-off the child should be discussed. It is better not to leave the other parent just guessing about the wait time during the exchange of the child.


In these instances, the children are also made to feel uncomfortable, as they may already be anticipating the event of traveling from one parent to the other as it is. Unnecessary waiting due to a lack of communication puts unnecessary stress and strain on all parties involved.


Also, if the child’s behavior or health has altered in any way, like a new cold or allergic reaction since the other parent last saw them, that communication could benefit the co-parenting arrangement.


In these instances, instead of being caught off guard, parents are given the information that will prepare them to properly care for the child. In essence, we want to do everything that is in the best interest of the child.

Speak To Your Kids About the New Happenings

As much as we want to protect our children, we still need to communicate with them, especially during the holidays, to reassure them that everything is going to be alright. While it is important to keep a positive outlook on the overall situation, it is also key, especially for older children, to share a little of the reality of how things will work within the co-parenting arrangement.


We should do our best to keep our own personal biases about the other parent or subsequent arrangement to ourselves but giving kids answers is key. Co-parenting exists in an effort for children to gain wisdom and nurturing for growth from both parents.


Sometimes, you try your best to co-parent with your ex and you still can’t get on the same page. If you need assistance with aspects of your child custody agreement, don’t hesitate to contact the Advocate Law Firm.