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What is in a Child’s Best Interest?


Separate or divorced parents are faced with the difficult decision of how to handle custody of their child. Some parents can work it out between themselves. However, this isn’t always the case, and the court will have to get involved.

When custody and visitation decisions are at hand, judges consider the child's "best interests" to determine the custodial schedule contained in the final custody and visitation order. Our Bartow child custody lawyer explains what factors the court examines when determining child custody in Florida.

What Is Considered to Be in the "Best Interests" of a Child?

Judges want to see children raised successfully; their physical, mental, and emotional needs must be met. Judges also consider the role both parents have played so far in the child's life. They will be most likely to award primary custody or more custodial time to parents who can demonstrate that they actively meet the following needs of their child.

Factors the court might examine can include:

  • The child is fed nutritious meals and participates in physical exercise.

  • The child is provided with educational opportunities, and if of school age, the child is achieving good grades.

  • The child receives proper preventive medical care and appropriate medical treatment in the event of illness or injury.

  • The parent offers the child opportunities to build or to maintain relationships with both their maternal family and their paternal family unless good cause is shown for these relationships to cease.

  • The parents co-parent in a positive way, setting an excellent example for the child and ensuring that the child's needs are met.

  • The child has consistency and a routine in their life; judges will want to maintain as much consistency in a child's life as possible.

Preparing for Trial

You need to be able to make the strongest possible case for your custody and visitation trial. At Advocate Law Firm, we offer strategic and aggressive representation that is crucial to the outcome of your child custody case. We understand how important your family is, which is why we will do everything in our power to protect you and your children’s rights.

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