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Trick or Treat: Halloween and Custody


When custody agreements are discussed, holidays are typically one of the most significant topics. Parents usually make plans for summer vacation, Thanksgiving, and the winter holidays. However, holidays like Halloween may be overlooked.


If you’re newly divorced, you might not be sure what to do when a holiday comes up that wasn’t outlined in your legal proceedings. Ideally, both parents will work together to make sure their children’s best interest comes first, but this isn’t always the case.



Young children usually have several different activities that they participate in on Halloween. Their class at school may be having parties, they may plan to go trick-or-treating, or there may be other community activities going on. Although a lot is going on, both parents may be able to spend time with their children at some point during the day.


If both parents want to make plans to spend Halloween with their children, they need to coordinate their schedules with each other. To do this, each parent needs to communicate their proposed activities to each other, as soon as possible. This will allow both parties to come up with a plan that lets them both enjoy Halloween with their children.


What if You Cannot Agree?

Sharing the holiday will only work if both parents can come up with an agreeable plan. However, if neither parent sees eye-to-eye, they will have to rely on the court-ordered custody agreement. This means the parent that usually has custody on that day will get to spend the day with their child.


Parents must keep in mind that their child is what is important in this situation. While it may be difficult to get along with your ex-spouse, it’s crucial that you try. Exposure to conflict between parents can negatively impact a child’s mental and physical wellbeing. Therefore, try to think about how you can work with your ex to make this day special for your child.


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