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How to Use Technology to Co-Parent After Divorce


Divorce can be difficult for a child, no matter what the situation entails. Kids see their parents happy and in love. Then, one day, the child hears that a divorce is happening. This can be difficult for them to comprehend. On the other hand, divorced parents might not be on the greatest terms after separating. Communication can be difficult for all involved at this time.

Depending on the custody arrangement, it can be hard for parents to remain active in their child’s life. However, through technology, co-parents can have better communication, and separated parents can still be available to guide their children through the divorce process.

How Can You Maintain a Healthy Relationship With Your Child, as Divorce Proceedings Unfold?

Good communication is a must for any parent looking to maintain and healthy and relatable relationship with their child. According to a recent study, a mobile phone with communication apps helps kids to function much better during a divorce. The reason for this is because it keeps the lines of communication open where they need to be.

One of the biggest worries that kids have during a divorce is that they will lose touch with one or both parents. However, through Skype or Facetime, it can reduce the chances of the child feeling alone. Online video chats, can allow children of divorce to visit with their parents more often. Thus allowing parents the ability to talk to their kids, and find out how they are doing.

Children of divorce will feel happier and safer knowing their child is there to communicate about everything, no matter how small the feeling is. Because of the technology available, children can adjust more quickly to divorce when they know they can talk to one or both parents any time they want.

Co-Parenting Apps Make it Easier to Talk to Your Ex

There is an app for everything these days, and parenting is no exception. Co-Parenting apps are an excellent tool for communicating with your ex. These apps offer several features. First, it allows divorced parents to have a shared calendar where they can see their parenting schedule and make requests if they have any. The calendar also allows one parent the ability to inform the other parent about their child’s day-to-day activities, like sports games and school plays.

Other features included in co-parenting apps are messaging capability. If co-parents have a difficult time talking face to face, a co-parenting app can help. These apps will let each parent message each other about any questions or concerns they have about their child through the app.

Additionally, co-parenting apps will keep track of expenses. This way, each parent knows how much money is being spent on their child, which can be beneficial when determining child support payments.

While there are several apps on the market, we recommend the following:

Price: The starting price is $99 per year.

Price: This app is free!

Price: Following the free 14-day trial, users pay $12.50 a month.

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