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Modifying Florida Child Support

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Regardless of whether two parents are together or not, both must provide their children with financial support. Florida analyzes several factors in order to calculate child support payments. However, circumstances may change, and some type of adjustment may need to be made to your child support order. In the event that your circumstances have changed, you can request a modification of child support from Florida courts.

Who Can Request a Child Support Modification?

According to Florida law, a child support modification request can be made when a substantial change in a parent's income or the child's needs has changed. Common examples of situations that might require a modification may include:

  • Loss of a job with no immediate expectation of obtaining employment
  • Loss of another source of income upon which your child support payments were based on
  • Significant increase or decrease in the child's expenses that incurred after initial court calculation
  • The time one parent spent with the child has increased or decreased significantly since the initial court calculation

Typically, in order for the court to grant a modification, the situation must be unanticipated. Therefore, for example, losing your job unexpectedly would allow one to seek a child support modification. Quitting your job voluntarily, on the other hand, would not qualify for a modification.

How To Request a Child Support Modification

If you want to modify your child support payments, a Supplemental Petition to Modify Child Support must be filed and presented to both the court and the other parent. At this time, you will have to disclose your financial situation as well as the changes you have faced that resulted in your request. The court will then listen to your case and determine whether any modifications need to be made.

Find Assistance with Your Modification Request

If you're facing unexpected financial hardship and believe you may qualify for modified child support payments, you shouldn't delay in seeking help. Advocate Law Firm, P.A. is here to help you navigate your difficulties and make your situation better.

To set up a consultation and discuss your child support case, call our expert child support lawyer today at (863) 644-5566.