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What Is Simplified Divorce?

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When some couples decide to divorce, they quickly decide how their assets and debts will be divided. If they have no minor children, they can be eligible for a simplified dissolution of marriage, also referred to as a simplified divorce. Simplified divorces take as little as 30 days from filing to finalization, so it is an excellent option for unattached couples that desire a quick divorce.

Who Is Eligible For A Simplified Divorce?

Not everyone will be eligible for a simplified divorce. Couples who qualify for a simplified divorce must follow these requirements:

  • Both parties agree that the marriage cannot be saved
  • Both parties have no minor children together, the wife has not had children while the couple has been married, and the wife is not currently pregnant
  • Both parties have already worked out how property will be divided, how debt and bills will be paid, and are satisfied with this arrangement
  • Both parties are not seeking alimony
  • Both parties agree to give up their right to trial and appeal
  • Both parties will go into the clerk’s office to sign the petition
  • Both parties are willing to go to a final hearing together

If you violate any of these requirements, you must file a regular petition for divorce.

What Is The Process For Simplified Divorce?

Once the couple has divided their assets and proven that they are eligible to file for divorce in Florida, the process for a simplified divorce is quite simple. The petition for a simplified dissolution of marriage should be filed with the help of your qualified divorce attorney, and the filing fees must be paid.

Next, you will either be assigned a court date for your final hearing or, depending on your jurisdiction, you can choose the date of the hearing with your spouse. Your attorney will help you prepare all necessary documents for the hearing.

Upon the hearing date, if all papers are in order and all necessary information is provided to the court, the judge may grant your divorce. This process can take as little as 30 days from filing to finalization; however, it may take longer based on court date availability in your jurisdiction.

How Do I File For Simplified Divorce?

Before filing for a simplified divorce, you should consult your local divorce attorney. Your attorney will assess your case and determine if you are eligible to divorce in Florida and if you qualify for a simplified divorce before helping you gather information and file all necessary documents.

If you are considering filing for a simplified divorce, call our Bartow divorce attorneys today for a free case consultation at (863) 644-5566.