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Can I Make Major Decisions On My Own When I Share Legal Custody?

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When you and your child’s other parent conflict over major decisions for your child, it might put a roadblock to making substantial decisions in your child’s life. When it comes to medical care, education, or other major issues in your child’s life, it is important to understand who exactly has the authority to make these decisions. Our Advocate Law Firm, P.A. child custody attorneys share what parents should understand before making major decisions on their own.

Parents Make Decisions Together

If legal custody is shared between both parents, they must make these decisions together and unanimously. This is done so that both parents acknowledge that the solution they are agreeing to is in the child’s best interests instead of what is best for the parent.

Common issues involved include:

  • Medical care for your child,
  • Educational changes your child may need,
  • Child care, and
  • Any other decisions that need to be made by both parents.

If both parents cannot agree on a solution, then no decision will be made until they can reach an agreement.

What If We Cannot Agree?

If you and your child’s other parent use parallel parenting as your parenting method, the court may grant one parent sole legal custody or the decision-making ability for major issues. This makes it so the designated parent can make these decisions on their own and without the interference of the other parent.

If you believe that conflict with your child’s other parent makes it difficult for you to see eye to eye on matters regarding your children, you should share this information with a trusted family law attorney. They can help you request sole decision-making authority from the court and make a plan for handling matters in the future.

Ever Argued With a Woman?

Making the correct decision concerning your child can be difficult, especially if you cannot agree with their other parent. When you share custody of your child with their other parent, you also share legal and decision-making responsibilities with them. Our family law attorney can help your family create a solution to your family’s biggest issues and move forward.

Are you unsure if you can make a decision for your child on your own? Schedule a consultation with our family law attorney today to learn more about how we can help you better understand your custody responsibilities. Call us at (863) 644-5566 to get started!