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What Should I Do When I Cannot Co-Parent?

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Co-parenting can be challenging for any parent, but it can be especially difficult when you and your co-parent have a high-conflict relationship. When you cannot co-parent, parallel parenting may be a better option. Our child custody attorney at Advocate Law Firm, P.A. shares what parents should understand about this co-parenting alternative in our blog.

What is Co-Parenting?

Co-parenting is when both parents work together to raise their children even though they are no longer in a relationship. This can be difficult for some, especially if you and your co-parent don’t get along. It’s important to remember that your children need both of their parents and that it’s important to put your differences aside for their sake.

Parallel Parenting: An Option For High Conflict Parents

Parallel parenting is an alternative to co-parenting that may be a better option for parents with a high-conflict relationship. With parallel parenting, both parents have equal responsibility for their children but don’t have to interact with each other. This can be helpful because it eliminates the need for communication and reduces potential conflict.

This parenting arrangement allows each parent to have their own parenting time with the children while still working together to benefit the children. This type of parenting is often recommended for high-conflict parents who share custody of their children.

Why Parallel Parenting?

There are many benefits to parallel parenting, but the main one is that it can help reduce the amount of conflict between parents. This type of parenting also allows each parent to have more control over their own parenting time and decisions. Parallel parenting may be a good option if you are struggling to co-parent with your ex.

Ever Argued With A Woman?

Co-parenting can be difficult, especially if you and your ex ended your relationship on bad terms. Our child custody attorney can answer any questions you may have regarding co-parenting or parallel parenting styles.

Are you considering parallel parenting your child, or have other questions about co-parenting? Schedule a free consultation with our child custody attorney today by calling (863) 644-5566.